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Health Tips!

 Did you know that stress not only takes a toll on
just about every organ in the human body? It also
causes our hair to turn gray early, and some times
our hair will begin to thin out and fall out!

Food for thought

Did you know? Stress “FUELS” the
growth, and spreading of Canerous Cells!



Think about this!


Eliminate as much stress as you possibly can!
You may even have to let go of someone close
to you! Or perhaps a job that may be the cause
of elevated blood pressure.  Stress can bring on
heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure,
dizziness, early or prolonged menstrual cycles,
vision impairment, and the list goes on and on!
So, do yourself a favor if at all possible!

Spend a little time and energy
taking care of  YOU!