“The Conspiracy”

Pharmaceutical companies are very powerful entities. In essence, they control the majority of the medical industry. The AMA (American Medical Association) has fallen subject to this giant as well as our U.S. Congress. The question yet remains. Is there a conspiracy within our U.S. Congress to STOP all companies, organizations, doctors or individual(s) in the curing of Cancer? Examine Congressional Record A5350 and you be the judge!


I believe Americans have been hoodwinked about Cancer Cures and Treatment for more than a half of a century. In the 50’s, there was a Congressman name Charles W. Tobey, who had a son who, was diagnosed with Cancer and only given 2 years to live by orthodox medicine. His son (Charles W. Tobey Jr.) went on a quest for answers. He sought Alternative Care treatment to combat his type of Cancer. His persistence on this journey paid him the wages he so deserved. Tobey Jr. was CURED of Cancer. What he discovered on his quest for a cure for Cancer was so shocking, and devastating, that it literally could cause an uprising in the American people, against the United States Congress.


Tobey Jr. passed this information to his father, U.S. Senator Charles Tobey. There was a cover-up and a conspiracy. To look into this deeper, Congressman Tobey brought on board an Interstate Commerce Commissions Investigator. His name was Benedict F. Fitzgerald Jr.


Read this Congressional Document that tells the true story of investigator Benedict Fitzgerald. He was assigned the task to find out about the biggest medical cover-up, and conspiracy against the American people of all time.



Click on the Link Below to download the .PDF document
Congressional Record A5350 – By Benedict F. Fitzgerald Jr.

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