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Infant/Baby Fevers



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What is a FEVER?



Fevers are not always inherently bad. So! What is a FEVER? A fever is a body temperature above 100.5 degrees. We have been taught from a child that a fever means we are sick or have an infection. Although both of these can be true, fevers are a direct response to our bodies innate healing system. The human body is designed to heal itself if given the proper tools to get the job done. When a fever develops, the body puts up a defense against it through our Immune System.

Infants do not really have a way to communicate how they are feeling when a fever is produced in their little bodies. Their response is crying, whining, fussiness or just laying there with very little emotion, sometimes with glassy eyes.

Most babies are miserable when they get a fever, especially if they are teething. Nothing appears to please them. Many parents become frustrated because they feel powerless against a fever that is attacking their child.

Make sure your baby stays well hydrated! Fevers can bring on diarrhea, skin rash, small blisters, flu like symptoms, loss of appetite, restlessness, vomiting and many other conditions that require your immediate attention. Remain attentive when your baby has a fever. What are the Danger Signs of a Fever?


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