North Cypress Hospital


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North Cypress Hospital is located in Cypress, Texas. It carried the appearance of a 5 star luxuary hotel. At the emergency entrance, there are parking attendants for those in a hurry or those that just want valet parking. North Cypress Hosiptal by far displayed their belief in high standards for patient rooms and comfort. Every room resignated the elegance and feel of a nice suite you would find at a 5 star hotel. The building was very well maintained inside and out, not to mention the superb landscaping.

The medical doctor(s) were extremely friendly and showed a genuine concern for the wellbeing of the patient. They were knowledgeable concerning medical issues but, lack the experience to deal with cancer. The best that could be offered was pain medication, hydration, blood work, xrays, MRI’s,CTScan and an overnight stay.  The nursing staff was not what you would expect from this type of facility.  Several blunders were made in our presents.  To say the least, more training and skill certainly would be in order.  I’m sure there are some very capable nurses at this hospital.   Unfortunately, we were not assigned one during our arrival.