MD Anderson Cancer Center

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MD Anderson is considered by many to be the best Cancer Center in the U.S.  The facility is very exclusive and  displays an architecture that appears second to none, in beauty and structure.  MD Anderson is surrounded by the shadows of majestic beauty from St. Luke  Hospital, The Texas Children’s Hospital, BCM (Baylor College of Medicine), The Methodist Hospital, The Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute, and the list goes on and on.

Inside of the MD Anderson Cancer Center is modern and very well laid out for patient comfort.  In the Emergency Center, there are small cubicle like areas with recliners for each patient that is coming into the EC (Emergency Center – this the same as an Emergency Room.) for treatment or care.  The staff is courteous, pleasant and very kind.  Once your preliminary paperwork is completed, you will be handed over to an admitting specialist.  From there you will be wheeled off to your room in the EC Center.

Th Rooms were somewhat small, but contained most amenities that patients and there accompanying guest require.  You could say, we were expecting a little more from the rooms that were assigned to the EC.  Nevertheless, the staff made up for the short coming and expectation of the rooms.  The Doctors were very friendly and extremely knowledgeable relating to the care of their Cancer patients.

If a patient has medical insurance, I would suggest treatment at the MD Anderson Cancer Center first, you will save thousands of dollars.   If money is no problem for you, and you can afford the out of pocket expense,  you may consider the Burzynski Research Institute & Clinic in Houston, TX.