Burzynski Research Institute

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The Burzynski Research Institute & Clinic is renowned for it’s intergrated use of  proprietary and converntional medcines.  Over the years, the Burzynski Research Institute and Clinic has come under great scrutiny for it’s claim of curing cancer.  The facility is somewhat hidden behind the Select Specialty Hospital.  The driveway entrance is a little confusing , it’s signified by a sign pointing in the direction of the Burzynski Clinic.  The outside of the building presents a feeling of hope!  It’s a beautiful four story well landscaped glass building with artifical rock and turf  runway to the front door. 

Inside the building displays elegance and success.  There is a law office, a pharmacy and a restaurant on the first floor.  You are welcomed by the receptionst and given a blue and black Burzynski Tote Bag.  Next, you will directed to take the elevator to the floor where you will meet your medical care team.  This facility is not like the usual medical office.  You will see and meet people from all over the world.  You are going to meet the rich, and the  not so rich in the lobby.  All people are equal here!  One thing is clear, everyone is treated with respect that comes to the Burzynski Clinic for help.

The lobby is outfitted with plush leather sofas and matching high-back leather chairs.  At this clinic its business first, then medical attention second, meaning BRING YOUR CHECK BOOK!.  The treatment is very expensive but, the results are what we all are looking for.  There are pictures of individuals everywhere that have come through the clinic and achieved GREAT success!  The examine rooms are small and nothing fancy.  Once you are in the back hallways where the medical exam rooms and the infusion labs are, you witness a strange smell.  It appears to be the smell of some sort of medicine, like none you have ever smelled before but, whatever they are using in this clinic, delivers profound results in some patients, but not in others.

You will see the financial person soon after arriving, she was just great! She was kind and witty.  She made you feel more relaxed, and had the ability to make you smile.  The nurses and doctors were also very kind and extremely knowledgeable about cancer.  Finally, you will meet in person the a famed Dr. Stanislaus Burzynski himself in a conference room.  He will bring a small group of medical doctors with him to answer all of the questions you may have.   PLEASE USE EXETREME FINANCIAL CAUTION , IF YOU DECIDE TO SEEK TREATMENT AT THE BURZYNSKI CLINIC – RESULTS  MAY NOT BE TO YOUR SATISFACTION.  SEEK ADVICE AND TREATMENT  AT  MD ANDERSON CANCER CENTER FIRST!