Bio-Medical Clinic (Hoxsey Clinic)

If you decide to seek treatment at the Bio Medical Clinic (a.k.a. Horsey Clinic), the Bio Medical Clinic is located in an upscale neighborhood in the hills of Tijuana, Mexico.  The clinic originally was a mansion that belong to a drug lord before it was taken by the police-drug task force.  Mildred Nelsen put a nominal bid in to purchase the mansion in 1963, and it was accepted. If you decided to visit or seek treatment at the Bio Medical Clinic, you want to consider taking the shuttle van at the Best Western Americana Inn.  They have a contract to shuttle patients to the Hoxsey Clinic and several other Homeopathic Clinics in Tijuana and back to the California border. The cost per person round-trip in February 2011 was $40.00 U.S. currency.  This fee must be paid before you can be allowed to board the shuttle van.  The Shuttle leaves for the Bio Medical Clinic at 7:00am. You must be on time! It is very dangerous in Tijuana, Mexico, and to drive inside is not recommended.  Many of the streets are narrow and in dire straits of repair. People that drive in Tijuana, drive very fast and with very little concern in my opinion.  One example was, we had an elementary school bus with children on-board come around our shuttle van as we were committed and making a legal right turn. This school bus continued to race our shuttle van to a stop light on a two-lane, two -way street, until our driver yield to the school bus.

Once you arrive at the Hoxsey Clinic, there is a big security gate at the entrance with an on-duty security guard.  Once inside the gates, the van will park at the front entrance to the clinic.  You will immediately see the receptionist upon your arrival.  She will look for your name on her new patient list and tell you to take a seat in the waiting room.  You are permitted to walk out on the back patio to take in the panoramic view of Tijuana.  You can see just about all of the entire city from the patio of this mansion.  You will see a nurse shortly to discuss your reason for coming to the Hoxsey Clinic.  Once your intake is completed, you will be dismissed to have lunch or breakfast at their on-site restaurant.  After lunch, you will see the Doctor for your exam and diagnoses.  Sometime in the afternoon you will get your results and the doctor will prescribe your treatment.  The day is almost over, you will see the receptionist to schedule your next appointment , and off to the van you go for your trip back to the California border. Does the Hoxsey Treatment work? I think it has a lot to do with the disease, the person in question, and the Tonic prescribed! We saw very little results but that does not mean it will not work for you.  By the way, BRING YOUR CHECK BOOK.  It will cost you in the neighborhood or $3000 to $4000 dollars to be treated at the Bio-Medical clinic (a.k.a. the Hoxsey Clinic).

The address and phone number to the Best Western Americana Inn where you will take the shuttle is listed below:

Best Western Americana Inn
815 W. San Ysidro Boulevard,
San Diego, CA  92173-1827
Phone: 619-428-5521  Fax-619-428-0693