Thank you for taking the time to browse through our website.  Please know that we have heard your request from newsletters to membership registration.  AHABS will be providing a FREE registration page for all guests who wish to become members in the very near future.  This will allow an individual to browse our database for specific medical conditions they may be facing.  In addition, there will be a small fee for those that wish to obtain a paid-membership.  In the paid-membership area you will be able to find alternative and integrated healthcare approaches too many medical conditions a person may be facing. You will also be able to post or ask questions there as well.   We listen and take your request seriously.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we go through this transition.  The nature and goal of this website is to bring you the best up-to-date information and health alternatives on the World Wide Web.

We wish you the best of health.

AHABS Support Team.


Many of you have asked for a way to donate because you appreciate the work our small staff has put into this website.   Again, we heard you!   AHABS has provided a donate button for all of you who feel we are providing a great service to the public.  You are NOT obligated under any circumstances to contribute. ALL contributions are at FREE WILL ONLY! If you do decide to donate, our entire AHABS staff would like to say THANK YOU!



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