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AHABS Shopping Plaza

If you have ever experienced, or observed someone that is suffering from an illness, we usually want to do something to help them.  When we see an elderly lady or man crossing the street, all eyes most of the time are on that person.  Why is that?  It is the God given human nature side of every person, whether you would extend a hand of help or not.  We all know someone we would like to help or would help if we could.

You don’t have to be a doctor or a nurse to help someone get well or feel better.  Matter of fact, you can do something that the average and above average doctor or nurse will not do!  Well!  What might that be?  In the 14 years we have been working with patients and clients with various illnesses, we have learn that there are certain things that are needed to extend hope and healing.  Much of this requires action on the part of an individual or group.

You will find products and appliances that we suggest at  We know they work because we use these products,  and they will certainly assist an individual who is not feeling well, or experiencing  pain from being  ill.

Why not be that helping hand that assist someone in crossing the street of ill health!  Crossing the street ONLY becomes dangerous, when it takes to long to get to the other side!  Please keep in mind that AHABS.ORG offers information to the public at no charge.  We want to continue to operate that way.  We receive no government funding, neither do we receive charitable contributions.  We ENCOURAGE you as a reader to support us in this endeavor.  Click on one of the images below and give someone the gift of hope.  Not only will you be supporting the individual that you care about, you also help support the cause of AHABS.





Water Treatment System

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems are very very good water  purification systems. The High Technology System uses something called  a semipermeable membrane. This membrane-technology is not  a filtration method. Instead, a Reverse Osmosis System uses applied pressure  to overcome what is called  osmotic pressure.   RO can remove numerous types of molecules and ions from the water.  These units are uses  both industrial processes and in producing potable water for home uses.   RO systems usually take longer to produce several gallons of water but, the water is extremely clean for human consumption.  This unit is usually installed and stored under the kitchen sink or in a please where your water lines are placed.  This is an excellent system for those with health issues and looking for better than bottled water. 
Starting at around $142.99  FREE Shipping!


Faucet Water Purification System

Faucet Water Purification Systems are also a great choice when it comes to clean drinking water for your family.  Here  are several reason to consider this option for your water filtration.  1.) This cost to operate this system is far less than bottled water you buy from the  store.  2.) The overall cost to buy and install this less expensive  than a reverse osmosis system.  3.)  Filtered water removes reduces the risk of dangerous chemicals and contaminants that can cause Bladder Cancer, Rectal Cancer, Colon Cancer and possible Stomach Cancer by removing chlorine and  chlorine byproducts from your water.  4.)  Clean fresh water for all of your cooking needs.  5.)  Filters water and removes leads and other harmful contaminants that can endanger your health.  
Starting at around $77.45   FREE Shipping!


Juicers are absolutely necessary if you are looking for the freshest juice available.   Juicing is a process that allows you to extract the liquid  from your fruits and vegetables, leaving behind the skins, pulp and much of the fiber in these foods.     that allow for this.    Store bought juice is an alternative to those that do not own a juicer.  Once you have tried fresh juice made in your own kitchen, there is no comparison.  Because you are drinking  juice, the liquid is absorbed more quickly in the intestines to be processed and used by the body for fuel, which could aid in a boost of energy  You know exactly what you are getting,  and what went into the juice you are drinking.  There are no extra additives or preserves mixed in or blended with your juice .  This gives you the full benefit and taste of the fruits and vegetables that you like.   Juicing allow you to keep all vitamins and minerals contained in your fruits and vegetables delivering to you exactly what you need to stay as healthy as possible.  Juicers should be a mandatory appliance if you really want the best juices like orange juice, apple juice, grape juice, pineapple juice, and create your very own V8!  This is one of the leading tomato juices in the world.
Starting at around $51.99  FREE Shipping!



Blenders are necessary and needed if you decide that you want to eat the entire fruit with their skin.   Vegetables can be blended as well.  All the fiber is kept for human consumption usually in the form of a smoothie or some sort of topping  for another food.  With a blender, you can chop and mix other foods along with your fruits and vegetables.  Things like nuts, and seeds.   Some blenders are capable of making hot mashed potatoes, Hot soups j and the list goes on.   Blenders usually don’t make good juicers because they are designed to chop and mix foods.  Using a Blender is an excellent way to get someone to eat certain foods that they may not be able to tolerate.  This little machine is almost a necessity in every home.  
Starting at around $24.88  FREE Shipping!


Vegetable Steamers

Vegetable Streamers are one of the most valued appliances in the kitchen.  There are many reasons for this.  First of all, they are a extremely healthy way to cook your foods, especially vegetables and rice.  Most streamers perform in the same fashion.  Water is used to heat, cook, and steam your foods.  Steamers are great for cooking or reheating meats, fish, poultry and also shellfish.  All your vegetables do not loose their vitamin and nutrient enriched value when steaming your foods.   Vegetable natural colors are retained and remain in the vegetables, allowing for a more delicious appearance and taste.  Remember, vegetable steamers rarely overcook foods.  This is due to the build in timers within the steamer.  This makes the food much easier to digest because there, are no oils or grease involved like in stir fry dishes.   Again, this is a very important kitchen appliance that helps to protect your health and well-being.  
Starting at around $19.14  FREE Shipping!


Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitors are becoming more popular in the common household today that ever before.  It is a known fact,  the stress of our jobs, economy, relationships, and our peers and bad diets are the culprit to most health issues.  All of  this stems back to your blood pressure.  Elevated blood pressure and heart rate is not necessarily bad if it is ONLY needed for an emergency purpose.  After that, the heart rate and blood pressure should remain in the normal zone, somewhere around or below 120/80 (one-twenty over eighty).  The 120 represents the systolic measurement,  and the 80 represents the diastolic measurement.

Desirable blood pressure:         High blood pressure:

Systolic – from 90 to 119               Systolic – from 120 to 140

Diastolic – from 60 to 79               Diastolic – from 80 to 89

Blood pressure is measured and determined on how hard the force is against the walls of your arteries and the pressure inside that artery.  The more stress on your arteries for extended periods of time, the more likely you are to have health related issues.  If this condition goes unchecked or unnoticed, it could lead to a stroke,  heart attack or even heart failure.  Heart failure is sometimes the result of a heart attack, but also could be contributed from chronic uncontrolled high blood pressure, or even heart valve disease.   For the protection of your loved ones and yourself, If you have a high stress job, GET A BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR!  Monitors are also extremely useful for those that are elderly or someone that has a health challenge.  
Starting at around $28.96  FREE Shipping!



Thermometers  are sometimes called a medical thermometers, are also known as a clinical thermometers.  If you have not already learned, thermometers come in a variety of styles, shapes and forms.  It is note worthy to know and understand the different  models and types of thermometers and how to pick one that best serves your purpose.  Digital thermometers  use what is called a electronic heat sensor to detect and record human body temperature.  This is a state o the art instrument that can be used in a common household.  Digital thermometers are generally used to swipe across the forehead, take readings from the ear, armpit, oral (mouth), and rectum.   This is a device that every home should have.  If you have health issues or children in the house, you need to have a Digital Thermometer.
Starting at around $9.96  FREE Shipping!


Hand Held & Oscillation Tower Fans

Portable Hand Held  & Oscillation Tower Fans are very convenient ways to stay cooler when outside moving air or air condition is not available or economical.  The benefit of having a oscillation tower fan is that is can be placed in a location that many conventional fans cannot.  Tower fans are designed to produce superior amounts of air flow.  These fans have the ability to distribute clean air at a 90 degree angle if desired, and most come with a remote.  Some more advanced tower fans are designed with an ion air purification, and some can perform the task of a humidifier.  These fans are ideal for those that are dealing with illnesses that require an cooler area or environment.  This is usually due to the constantly raising and lowering of body temperature.  Tower fans are excellent to have around your home, your office or in your workplace. 
Starting at around $27.99  FREE Shipping!


Portable DVD Player

Portable DVD Players  offer a great option for those who have to travel by car or plane.  It’s becoming very popular in hospitals and retirement homes as well.  Portable DVD players make life much easier for those who are suffering from an illness that requires them to remain stationary.  These players can be placed on your bed, on your lap, table or TV stand or just about anywhere.  The majority of portable DVD players come with remotes.  This allows you to power the player off and on, adjust the volume, rewind and fast forward, adjust the brightness, and some have closed captioning capability.  Portable DVD players make life more relaxing for those that are ill and desire to stay in a specific room or area where there is no TV or DVD player.
Starting at around $49.99  FREE Shipping!


Blue Ray Players

Blu-ray and HD DVD are the two formats that you want to look at for High Definition.  Blu-ray offers superior performance when it comes to clear and crisp pictures over DVD Technology.  Blu-ray and HD DVD  can be consider competing  format technology.  Blu-ray disk are more expensive than DVDs.   Unfortunately, the two formats don’t play nicely together, no HD DVD player will play Blu-ray movies and no Blu-ray player will play HD DVD movies. If you really want high definition, that will be a choice you will have to make. These portable players can be played in the car as well as in your home.  Blue Ray Players
Starting at around $139.99  FREE Shipping!


LED/LCD Flat Screen HDTVs

HDTVs – (High Definition Television) can be very relaxing because of its clarity.  LED is LCD. It is just a specialized form of LCD. Regular LCD TVs use a CCFL backlight. LED and  LCDs use an LED backlight. In terms of quality, that’s the difference between them (they also differ in power consumption and thinness, but that doesn’t impact image).

One thing you want to keep in mind is, TV size matters. For features such as 1080p, 120Hz/240Hz, and Plasma vs LCD, the size of your set is important. If you’re going 40″ or larger, then Plasma, 1080p, and 120Hz/240Hz matter (and more so if you’re breaking 50″). If you are doing 37″ or under, then you want to go LCD.  If you get 1080p/120Hz at that size, great, it doesn’t hurt, but its just not worth paying extra for at that point.   LED/LCD Flat Screen TV’s  
Starting at around $177.00  FREE Shipping!


Auto Inverter 12V DC to AC 120V

Portable auto inverters are excellent if you are traveling , camping, or just running around town.  These inverters are capable of  supplying  AC power to cell phone, boom boxes, portable TVs, video game systems, power equipment, electric shavers, hair dryers, computers, printers, and the list goes on.  Auto Inverters are excellent for those that have portable oxygen systems that require AC power.  Never run out of  emergency power for medical equipment.   Portable Auto Inverters 12VDC to 120VAC    Be SMART 
Starting at around $16.99  FREE Shipping!



Owning a laptop can be one of the most important and valuable pieces of equipment you will ever have.   Laptops are excellent for those that want to search for information on the internet while sitting in your favorite recliner.  Watching movies or using Skype to video chat with family or friends becomes a breeze with the built in webcam.  Laptops have proven to be very beneficial to those that are ill.  You have the world at their fingertips!  Laptops come in an array of sizes, colors, weights, processing power and Warranties.   Buying the right one depends on your needs and capability of  using the laptop to its fullest potential.  Why not  buy a laptop for your loved one and make their lives easier and more enjoyable.  Laptops
Starting at around $199.00  FREE Shipping!



Recliners are excellent pieces of furniture to have in your home, apartment, condo, or just about anywhere you have the space to put it.  There are several things you want to consider when buying a recliner.  1. The person or family  you are buying it for.  2. The Seating Comfort of the recliner.  3.  The space requirement for the shape, type and size of your recliner.  4.  The type of material it is made from.  5.  The Cost of the recliner.  6.  The Design of the chair itself.  7.  Are there pets in the house that may want to jump into your recliner for a nap.  These are the seven steps you may want to take when you’re considering the purchase of a recliner chair.
Starting at around $72.99 – FREE Shipping on most models!


Massage Chair

Electric Massage Chairs are excellent for individuals that may be experiencing poor circulation, arthritis, lower back pain, or just for relaxation purposes.  Usually these chairs are bought by individuals that are interested in the health benefits associated with massage chairs, and what they can provide. It is a proven and known fact, those that get daily massages have enormous drops in stress! If you are using a massage chair instead of a masseuse, you will still benefit from the chair.  Massage chairs can benefit many systems of the body such as your Muscular System, Nervous System, Skeletal System, and Respiratory System.  Individuals that are suffering from Cancer, will Many physicians are prescribing  massage therapy for their patients to help control pain management.  As you can see, massage chairs and massage therapy carry a tremendous value.  This is definitely one piece of furniture and medical equipment EVERY home in America needs.  Why not buy one today? especially, if there is not a masseuse living in your home.

Muscular System Benefits from a Massage

  • Increase in flexibility due to more hydration in the muscles
  • Increase in blood circulation to the muscles
  • Increase in nutrients to the muscles
  • Effectively relaxes your muscles to reduce instances of cramps, spasms and overall tension
  • Breaks down knots and fibrosis
  • Helps speed muscle recovery due to fatigue and exertion
  • Reduces soft tissue and muscle pain
  • Helps prevent muscular atrophy
    Starting at around $649.00 
    FREE Shipping on some models!



Treadmills have made life easier for those who don’t have time to go to the gym or don’t feel comfortable going out to exercise when it is dark.  Treadmills are also an excellent piece of equipment for those are have back problems, knee problems, hip problems and so on.  These amazing machine also are extremely useful for those that are suffering from various illnesses.  People that are going through a Cancer battle, often times have to stop frequently breaks, especially in the shopping malls or walking through the park or even on the beach.  It there is no place to sit and rest for these individuals, this could quickly become a major problem.  Treadmills are design to allow you to walk or run as much as your want to at your own pace in the privacy of your own home.  It also offers a great workout for those of you that are runners and love to run.  These machines usually have grade variation, heart monitoring, pulse rate, mileage indicator, calorie burning indicator, Timer, Stopwatch function, warm-up and warm-down functions and more.  Treadmills like anything else, comes in different styles and flavors.  Depending on what you are looking for, will determine the cost of the Treadmill.  Horsepower is very important as will as the stability of the machine.  You want to buy something that has at least a 2 horsepower, if you plan on running on our Treadmill.   Also, make sure that it is not to bouncy.  You want some bounce and spring to it but, not to much.  So remember, when you are entertaining the thought of buying a new Treadmill, this machine is designed to support your workout needs.  When it’s Hot outside, Raining outside, Cold outside or Snowing outside, you are in the comfort of your own home!  This machine is definitely worth having in your home.
Starting at around $149.00 
FREE Shipping on some models!





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